Brandon Fowler began his tenure as Klamath County Emergency Manager within the Klamath County Sheriff’s Department on September 3, 2019. Fowler assumes the position vacated by Morgan Lindsey in June 2019 when she accepted a new position at Kingsley Field.

A United States Navy Veteran, Fowler brings over twenty years of private sector leadership experience to the role; most recently leading his own project management consulting firm after distinguished roles with AT&T and Sprint. In those roles he led project management organizations charged with wireless site deployments, upgrades, and site hardening in preparation for natural disasters.

Brandon Fowler serves on a variety of boards and committees around Klamath County. He most recently resigned from Klamath County Budget Committee where he served as Committee Chair for the last two years. Fowler is a past Board Member of Chiloquin Fire & Rescue and will continue to serve on the Board of Directors for Sage Community School, a Public Charter School in the Chiloquin area.

Fowler is active in Amateur Radio and holds an Amateur Extra Radio License with the Federal Communications Commission as well as several FEMA certifications that will carry over into the role. The position of Klamath County Emergency Manager is extremely important to the safety and well-being of all who live in our county. The Emergency Manager is tasked with organizing countywide training and assisting in the preparation of first responders and community members in case of a natural or man-made disaster.

Brandon Fowler will be bringing his organizational and management experience to this important role in overall public safety. Fowler was selected as Emergency Manager after an extensive nationwide search and over 20 applicants. In addition to the duties of Emergency Manger Fowler will also assume the duties of Public Information Officer for the Klamath County Sheriff’s Department.