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Deputies Used Advanced Training And Patience To Resolve Situation

At approximately 2:15PM on September 23, 2019 a Klamath County Sheriff’s deputy responded to a request to investigate a criminal incident in the 35000 block of S. Chiloquin RD. Upon arriving on scene, the deputy encountered a 43-year-old female with a weapon that appeared to be experiencing a mental health crisis.

The deputy called for backup and attempted to de-escalate the situation with a member of Klamath Basin Behavioral Health Critical Incident Team (KBBH CIT).

Additional deputies with advanced training in handling critical incidents arrived and worked for several hours in an attempt to encourage the woman to disarm to no avail. Everyone involved exercised a great deal of care and patience and at approximately 6:45PM deputies using diversionary and less-than-lethal tactics were able to take her into custody. She was then transported via Chiloquin Fire & Rescue Ambulance to Sky Lakes Medical Center.