Update Posted 10-18-19 at 6:45pm 

The communications outage that started around 8:20am this morning continues in Klamath Falls. Klamath Alerts has been monitoring the incident and here is what we know.

The outage is due to a CenturyLink fiber optic line that was damaged this morning by a boring machine about 10 miles outside of Ashland, OR. A spokeswoman with CenturyLink has told us tonight that there are several cuts in the fiber optic cable that need to be repaired. We were told that repair crews are on scene repairing the lines at this time.

At the present time there is no way to estimate when the repairs might be completed. Fixing a fiber optic line is no easy task and requires many smaller lines inside the cable to each be repaired individually.

Charter Internet, CenturyLink phone and data services, AT&T Cellular, and other local networks rely on this cable to function. We have been told by a local business owner that Oregon Lottery is down along with some credit card processing services and ATM machines.

Klamath Alerts will continue to monitor the situation and we are in direct contact with CenturyLink who owns the fiber optic cable that is cut. We will update you if they pass any additional information to us.