At approximately 11:00pm on November 5, 2019 Howard’s Meat Center was burglarized resulting in the loss of meat products with a retail value in excess of $4,500.00.

One of the owners was working in another area of the facility at the time and later discovered the forced entry. The suspects attempted to obscure some surveillance cameras while they loaded several hundred pounds of deer, elk, and antelope meat. Klamath County Sheriff’s Deputies were able to use other surveillance cameras from Howard’s Meat Center as well as surrounding businesses to identify the subject’s vehicle.

Jon Loren Wilkinson was taken into custody Wednesday afternoon.

In addition to Howard’s Meat Center, there are numerous other victims whose meat products were part of the theft. These victims traveled out of state at great personal expense to hunt the game that was stolen. The loss to these victims will run many thousands of dollars. Some of the product was recovered at the time of Wilkinson’s arrest but given the perishable nature of the products it was no longer usable. During an interview with deputies Wilkinson admitted he traded some of the stolen product for meth and marijuana.

Still being sought is Bryce Allen Stewart (shown below). If you are aware of Stewart’s whereabouts please contact Sgt. Ryan Kaber 541-883.5130.

All Howard’s Meat Center customers who have sustained losses have been contacted.