Above: Juan Carlos Hernandez booking photo. Washoe County Jail Photo

A former Klamath Falls resident is accused of shooting 22 year old Luis Torres-Mederos of Reno in the early morning hours of October 27th this year after participating in the annual Reno Zombie Crawl.

According to local media reports and law enforcement press releases, the shooting occurred after Hernandez had been participating in the Reno Zombie Crawl which is a costume party that involves “bar hopping”.

Hernandez is accused of shooting the victim (Luis Torres-Mederos) while they were walking on a street outside a casino as the victim was using Hernandez’s phone to arrange for a ride. The victim is reported to have passed away October 30th, from the shooting injuries.

According to media reports Hernandez was dressed as the Joker from the recently released movie and identified himself to police as “Arthur Fleck,” the character who eventually becomes the Batman villain. Private security guards are said to have detained Hernandez after the shooting until police arrived and later arrested him.

According to social media and other sources, Hernandez lived in Klamath Falls and attended Oregon Tech before moving to Reno.