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Klamath County Sheriff’s Office Jail Commander Lt. Brian Bryson has been awarded Jail Commander of the year honors by the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association at a banquet in Bend, Oregon on December 4, 2019. Lt. Bryson was selected for the award for his efforts to improve safety of personnel, and overall conditions in the jail. These efforts included leading an overhaul of control panels within the jail that were in dire condition after years of neglect.

Lt. Bryson has improved working relationships with every entity connected to the jail. The result is a mutually beneficial stable of programs that reduce jail populations, improved mental health treatment throughout the entire community, enhanced prosecutor’s capabilities, and improved conditions for both inmates and the employee workforce. Because of Lt. Bryson’s leadership the county now has a robust Pre-Trial Release Program; medical capabilities at the jail have tripled and the jail facility has improved so much that the first jail inspection in ten years was completed successfully. Sheriff Chris Kaber states: “Under the leadership of Lieutenant Brian Bryson, a once floundering jail facility has now become one in which the entire county and many others take pride.

The Klamath County Detention Center displays the professionalism required by the decency and compassion of a community who is still in need of protection from those who break the law.”

Klamath County Sheriff’s Office Dive Rescue Volunteer Conrad Caillouette was presented with the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association Meritorious Service Award at a banquet in Bend on December 4, 2019. Mr. Caillouette has served as a Dive Rescue Volunteer with Klamath County Sheriff’s office for 50 years. Sheriff Chris Kaber states: “Klamath County Sheriff’s Office has several volunteer organizations that do a wonderful job serving our community. It is truly an honor to have people like Conrad who has been a leader and mentor to many volunteers and we celebrate his 50 years of service helping the people of our community.”

Joining the Dive Team in August 1969, Caillouette has over 15,000 volunteer hours, served as Dive Captain for 23 years and continues to serve as a public safety Dive Instructor. has been a leader and mentor to many volunteers.