A return to active weather with a mixture of snow, rain, and wind as a storm system connected to an (AR) Atmospheric River approaches the region. For the local area the storm will mostly provide beneficial moisture with limited travel impacts.

This is our first significant atmospheric river (AR) event this winter season.  In general, this type of event will be considered more beneficial than hazardous as we build on the snowpack and avoid flooding on the main stem rivers.  If the AR moves a bit farther south than expected, some mainstem rivers could flood, and rising creeks and streams could cause problems.

The first part of this system will bring snow east of the Cascades and to lower elevations around 4000 feet Wednesday night.  Snow levels will rise into Thursday and top out around 6500 feet Thursday evening. Winds will be strong Thursday night into Friday along the coast and the headlands. Overall, this is a long duration event that will bring a lot of weather to the region, but the impacts and severity will likely be low.

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