Klamath Falls Airlink helicopter made an “unscheduled” landing last night at Gilchrist School. A statement from Airlink says the pilot landed due to a sudden reduction in visibility.

An Airlink medical helicopter that was transporting a patient made an “unscheduled” landing last night at Gilchrist School. According to a statement released from Airlink the pilot made a precautionary landing due to a reduction in visibility and weather conditions.

Emergency responders went to the landing location and picked up the patient and transported them to Bend.

This statement was released from Airlink this morning:

“Good morning everyone. Last night AirLink 3 made an unscheduled landing due to a rapid decline in weather conditions. The Klamath Falls helicopter was en route to St. Charles of Bend with one patient aboard. When visibility suddenly dropped, crew opted to safely and successfully land in Gilchrist, OR. No one was injured in the landing. Crew are now at home, safe and sound. Also, thanks to the quick response of Aircom, Deschutes Co. 911, Crescent Fire and Rescue, and Deschutes County Sheriff’s Department, team’s immediately transported our patient to St. Charles via ambulance.”

Above: The helicopter based in Klamath Falls landed at Gilchrist school due to weather conditions.

This incident and others were covered live in our breaking news service.