March of Flamingos

New Horizon Christian School is launching the third annual “March of the Flamingos” fund raiser. For just $20 you can make someone’s day by sending a flock. Volunteers with the school will deliver, setup, and take down the flock after they are placed on site for one evening.

All proceeds from the fundraiser go to New Horizon Christian School and benefit the 5th and 6th graders. The fundraiser is now on the third year and has been very successful.

This year there are four flocks available for placement throughout the month of March.

Additional details are available at New Horizon’s Facebook Page 

To place your order email or call the school and they will book your flamingo delivery date to a special person of your choice. Contact information is also available on the New Horizon website. The school office phone number is (541) 884-6467. The fundraiser runs throughout March.

Keep your eyes open! You never know if you may be the next person to get “Flamingoed”