A strong low will impact southern Oregon and northern California this weekend. The storm will bring roughly 8 to 12 inches over 42 hours to locations above 4000 feet. The area we are most concerned about is around Mt Shasta Saturday night as snow fall rates will reach up to 1 inch per hour at times. The Cascades will also see a fair amount of snow, yet the snow will slowly accumulate over 42 hours. The snow may continue well into Sunday in northern California as the low hovers off the coast of Oregon.

A closed low and cold front will bring accumulating snow to higher areas in Siskiyou County as snow levels start off around 4000 feet.  Snow levels will then crash down to 2000 feet behind the front. Snow accumulation behind the front is not expected to be that significant during the day on Saturday.

Eventually, the low will move a bit farther south and the snow fall rates will pick up Saturday night, especially around the Mt Shasta area. The snow may continue into Monday, although there will be breaks between the snowfall if it does continue into Monday.  We’re also half way through March, so any period of sun between showers should really make it difficult for lower elevations to see snow accumulation during the daylight hours

Key Storm Information

  • Impactful snow accumulations in northern California, specifically during Saturday night into Sunday when snowfall rates are highest for that area.

  • Snow levels down to around 2000 feet Saturday morning and snow levels down to 1500 feet at times Saturday night into Sunday morning.

  • In the Cascades, accumulating snow Friday evening into Sunday.

  • In general, 8-12 inches over 42 hours above 4000 feet in most locations. Snowfall will not be constant and there will be breaks most areas.