KLAMATH FALLS — In the interest of helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 and to preserve the health and safety of Klamath Community College students and the campus community, KCC will extend spring break one week. Spring term classes will begin Monday, April 6.

In addition, the first two weeks of spring term — April 6 through April 17 — will be in an online-only format for all in-person lecture classes, conducted via Canvas, a web-based learning management system.

“We are committed to our students’ academic success and are working to ensure our students have access to the courses that will help them achieve their personal goals,” said KCC President Dr. Roberto Gutierrez. “Altering our spring term calendar ensures our students’ academics are better aligned with our K-12 and university partners and allows some flexibility for adjusting to this fast changing situation.”

As of this time the KCC campus will remain open for services during regular business hours.

During the first two weeks of spring term, campus services for students will be open. Students’ spring term financial aid is slated to be disbursed on time. Students will have access to computer labs and resources in Student Services, the Learning Resource Center, and the Office of Student Life.

In an effort to ensure students can access online courses across the region, member institutions of the Southern Oregon Higher Education Consortium (SOHEC) — Klamath Community College, Rogue Community College, Oregon Institute of Technology and Southern Oregon University — will make their guest Wi-Fi networks and library facilities available to students from all SOHEC institutions, and to those from any other college or university. The collaborative agreement will enable students who return to their hometowns to continue their studies online, even if they may not have computers or internet access in their homes.

KCC recognizes the challenges in remote learning with hands-on Career Technical Education classes, apprenticeship classes, and labs. These classes will continue in-person. Classes and labs at the KCC campus will begin April 6; KCC labs at the Oregon Tech campus will begin April 20. KCC will implement social distancing measures to ensure class sizes remain within recommended guidelines and appropriate distance between individuals is maintained. Faculty will be contacting students directly to notify them of which courses will be held in-person.

Spring term will be a 10-week term, ending on June 12. Because the term will be one week shorter, a designated “finals week” will not take place and faculty will coordinate final exams in conjunction with curriculum instruction.