The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office in coordination with the courts, Community Corrections, Public Health, law enforcement partners, and other jails across the state, have developed plans to help prevent COVID-19 in our facility.

KCSO Corrections staff are conducting assessments on all incoming arrestees to determine possible illnesses in an effort to minimize someone bringing the illness into the jail. We have developed plans, consistent with other jails across the state, to temporarily reduce jail populations. These reductions are typically not violent inmates and risk to the community is low. This is in an effort to keep corrections deputies and inmates who can’t be released safe as well as have the appropriate space should it be necessary to isolate someone in the unlikely event they contract the virus.

In addition, KCSO is following the advice local, state, and federal officials to help limit the potential infection of jail staff and inmates, has cancelled all volunteer contact programs in the jail.

Jail Commander Lt. Brian Bryson states: “An outbreak in a confined area, such as a correctional facility, could be catastrophic considering many of those incarcerated have weakened or damaged immune systems and the rate in which the virus spreads. As such, precautionary measures have been taken to prevent such a catastrophe.”