“Think Before You Flush”

KLAMATH FALLS, OR, March 20, 2020

To the Residents of the Klamath Falls area, our local sewer agencies have been receiving reports of municipalities either experiencing sanitary sewer overflows because of increased use and flushing of wipes, and a situation where a publicly owned wastewater treatment facility experienced a loss of adequate treatment that they believe is due to the increased toxicity loading possibly due to the disinfectants in the wipes. Your local sewer agencies are sending this reminder out to the Klamath Falls areas that “wipes” are not flushable even if it is indicated on the package, and that overuse of certain disinfectants may cause significant upsets in the sewer conveyance and treatment systems. Our wastewater treatment facilities are our last line of defense in protecting the environment from household wastes entering the receiving streams. Please do your part and “Think Before You Flush.”

Thank you for your consideration and assistance during this time of uncertainty. A message from local sewer agencies; the City of Klamath Falls and South Suburban Sanitation District.