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The above quake was reported a few minutes ago via various media outlets and an official alert was sent out via USGS. Shortly after the initial alert the USGS says this quake event is deleted after being reviewed. Klamath Alerts staff were not aware of any shake reports from this event at the time of this posting.

From the USGS:

DELETED: Event nc 73358800


***This event has been deleted after review by a seismologist.***

Geographic coordinates: 40.322N, 122.427W
Magnitude: 5.5
Universal Time (UTC): 25 Mar 2020 02:58:37
Time near the Epicenter: 24 Mar 2020 18:58:37

Location with respect to nearby cities:
14.3 km (8.9 mi) WSW of Cottonwood, California
17.8 km (11.0 mi) SW of Anderson, California
22.8 km (14.1 mi) NW of Red Bluff, California
29.5 km (18.3 mi) S of Redding, California
209.3 km (129.8 mi) NNW of Sacramento, California