Klamath IDEA announced today that it has launched the updated KlamathIDEA.org website, featuring SourceLink’s® Resource Navigator™.  

A public launch party scheduled in February was postponed due to distancing restrictions made necessary due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Klamath IDEA’s leadership team recognized, however, that the capability of the new site to connect our region’s businesses to resources has perhaps never been more critical in our region.

Kat Rutledge, director of Klamath IDEA and Klamath Community College’s Small Business Development Center, believes that the need to connect startups and existing businesses to resources is critical as they navigate a unique business landscape.

“One of the most urgent needs our entrepreneurs and business owners have right now is quickly and easily finding reliable resources and information,” Rutledge said. “There is a tremendous onslaught of misinformation and confusion. Many of them don’t have the luxury of skimming through hundreds of emails or websites to boil down what information is most useful to them. KlamathIDEA.org overcomes that challenge by curating information and connecting businesses directly to the resources they need, when they need them.”

The website’s Resource Navigator™ connects website visitors to 16 local nonprofit and government resource partners, each of which provide specialized services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Visitors at the site will be directed to one or more of these partners after self-identifying the type of assistance they need, including standard business assistance and disaster assistance. All of the partners have recently ramped up their business response capabilities to quickly adapt to new and emerging needs. Additionally, all the partners are engaged in local, regional, and statewide economic recovery teams to ensure they are up-to-date on all available information and resources, and can activate additional resources outside our region if necessary.

“It is important to note that KlamathIDEA.org is not just another website with multiple links to Coronavirus response resources. While we have added links to the front page with business resources for Klamath County, Lake County, and state and federal COVID-19 businesses resources, we believe the quickest way to assist our businesses and entrepreneurs is to connect them to our local partners with specialties in certain areas; partners that can help them navigate to specific resources that can help them right now,” Rutledge said. “As partners like ours around the country respond to this unique economic challenge, it is important that we are balancing the load and getting our businesses to the right place on the first try. Never has it been more critical to make sure   those who need our help don’t slip through the cracks.”

The new website can be found at www.klamathidea.org, and also includes a “hotline” for visitors to connect to KlamathIDEA via telephone.