This week, both Klamath County and the City of Klamath Falls voted to donate $25,000 each to bolster the local restaurant industry while also paying it forward to nonprofits in town that help feed people in need such as the Klamath Food Bank. “The restaurant food and beverage industry is a vital part of our local economy.  I want to thank the Chamber of Commerce and Food Bank for their willingness to set up this program to support our restaurants and feed those in need in our community.  I am encouraged by the incredible support our community has shown our restaurants and other small businesses.  Together we will ensure that everyone makes it through this crisis.  The support everyone in Klamath has shown each other is incredible and the reason why we will come back from this stronger than ever,” said Commissioner Degroot. The County funds will be distributed throughout the County and will include the restaurants and nonprofits in outlying areas. “We are happy to help with these efforts and thank both the City and the County for supporting the local businesses,” said Heather Tramp, the Chamber’s Executive Director.

The City also voted to donate money directly to the Klamath Food Bank in addition. City Council Member Todd Andres said, “The City of Klamath Falls is proud to provide $10,000 directly to the food bank to help those who suddenly find themselves in need.  This is just one part of the $135,000 the City has dedicated to immediately support our local community through this crisis.”

The details of the program are under development and will be shared over the next week.