Local Klamath Falls community turns to social media for connections and helping others.

Cloth Masks:

Today the CDC has recommended that everyone wear non medical masks while in public to help slow the spread of Coronavirus. That recommendation says that cloth masks may help slow the spread of the virus because many people could be infected and not know it.

Tonie Kellom of Klamath Falls has recently created the Facebook Group “Klamath Corona Mask Makers” for people interested in making cloth masks to connect and contact each other. Tonie told Klamath Alerts today that she just wanted to help with the masks and created the group that has about 70 members so far as of posting time. Tonie said that several craft stores locally have contributed materials to the cause.

Link: Klamath Corona Mask Makers on Facebook

Klamath Strong:

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 7.12.14 PM

An increasingly popular Facebook group “Klamath Strong” is connecting over 4,000 (and counting) people who want to help out locally. On this group you can ask for help or look for opportunities to help. The group has many posts of local people helping those in need. Check it out today!

Link: Klamath Strong Facebook Group 

Hope Loaves:

Green Blade Bakery continues to churn out “Hope Loaves” and has removed the earlier restriction for hospitality employees only. Visit Green Blade Bakery for more info.

There is also a Hope Loaves GoFundMe account to help support this effort locally


Our hats are off to everyone in the community helping out and doing their part. If we can be of help getting the word out about these efforts please feel free to contact us.