Governor Kate Brown is scheduled to host a press conference regarding establishing the framework to reopen Oregon. It is scheduled to start at 11am 4-14-20.

Update from Gov. Brown:

In the early days of this pandemic, I had to take swift action to protect the health & safety of Oregonians from this deadly disease. Now, as we see that these efforts are successfully flattening the curve, we’re analyzing how & when to reopen each part of our society & economy.

Here’s my framework for restarting public life and business in our state, and how I plan to approach the incredible challenge of reopening segments of our society while maintaining healthy Oregon communities:

My framework recognizes a science-driven process. The prerequisites are: 1) Slowed growth: fewer cases of COVID-19 2) Adequate PPE to protect health care workers & first responders 3) A robust public health framework: increased testing, contact tracing & effective isolation

It will not be easy. It will take longer than we want. These are the prerequisites necessary for “when” we can reopen. Then there’s the “how” we reopen Oregon, and keep it open. I want to work collaboratively to do that, and we will look at specific sectors of the economy.

I will continue to make decisions based on science and facts, in consultation with public health experts, my Medical Advisory Panel, and working with our neighbors in California and Washington,

We are all in this together.

As we prepare in the months ahead to get Oregon back to work, we must remember the importance of doing so in a smart, deliberate way. This is going to move much slower than any of us want, but that is the only way to protect the health and safety of Oregonians.