From a Klamath Tribes news release:
To respond to decreasing supplies of N95 masks, The Klamath Tribes has donated 1000 masks to Sky Lakes Medical Center.
As members of the community, the Tribe is grateful for the frontline workers fighting the COVID-19 crisis. Klamath Tribal Chairman Don Gentry says, “thank you to the people who are working during this pandemic.”

LCDR Nikowa Mendez, Acting Incident Commander for The Klamath Tribes states, “During this COVID-19 pandemic our community has to work together and pool our resources to support all of our healthcare workers. Klamath Tribal Health & Family Services has been planning to be able to respond to emergency events, such as COVID-19 over the last several years.

“Due to this planning, we have assessed our PPE supplies and are now able to share some PPE to help our partner health care workers at Sky Lakes Medical Center that are also on the front lines taking care of our community and Klamath Tribal Members.”

The Klamath Tribes is continually seeking ways to support and protect the community at large. Through community preparedness and support, the Klamath Basin will get through this difficult time together.