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The above image from Heavens Above shows the orbit path of SpaceX Starlink Satellites at article posting time. (Image from Heavens Above used with permission.)

Many sightings were reported last night in our local region described as a string of moving lights through the night sky. These lights were actually a cluster of satellites launched earlier by SpaceX for the new Starlink program.

The satellites in orbit now will eventually be joined by even more as the decade long program expands with the goal of providing satellite internet service. The latest orbit projections show the satellites should again be visible this evening in the local area beginning around 8:18pm.

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The above image shows Starlink orbital data for tonight 4-17-2020 over Klamath Falls. (used with permission). For more tracking information visit Heavens Above

Note: You will need to enter your viewing location on the website first to get accurate predictions of satellite pass times. The fly overs tonight will start from a southwest of Klamath Falls and end in the northeast skies. The satellites should be visible from just after 8pm until around 11:38pm tonight.

The above video shows you an earlier sighting and what to look for.