In these times of stress and bad news everywhere… sometimes you just need an escape.

A company called “Nature Relaxation Films” offers hours of free high resolution relaxation videos. The videos can be viewed at no charge with ads that play occasionally. The company also offers ad free versions available on their website.

The videos are professionally shot in 4k using drones and other high end photography equipment. Some of the videos feature relaxing nature sounds and others combine nature sounds with soothing music. Videos include aerial tours of Hawaii, Fiji Islands, mountain scenes and more.

View all of the choices at the Nature Relaxation Youtube Channel here 

Above: One of our favorite videos that covers Honolulu to North Shore

For best results (and if you have one) use a 4K tv that has access to Youtube. Just search for Nature Relaxation from within Youtube. We hope you might find these videos useful and more importantly relaxing!