KLAMATH FALLS, OR Each year, between May 15 and October 30, the City Code regarding Noxious Vegetation, 5.630, expands to include all non-agricultural grasses and weeds in excess of eight inches tall. This Ordinance basically states that no owner or person in charge of property within the City of Klamath Falls shall allow the property to have weeds or grasses in violation. The Code allows the City to abate violations at the owner’s expense, issue court citations, assess Enforcement fees, or any combination of the three. This issue has three goals; to reduce fire hazard, prevent the spread of unwanted weeds, and to improve the image of the City.

In cases of large or remote areas, allowances for firebreaks or other remedies are considered upon application, by the person in control of the property. Questions regarding any aspect of this Ordinance can be directed to Code Enforcement by phone, 541-883- 5358 or by e-mail: canderson@klamathfalls.city