The Klamath County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Division announces the implementation of a “Free Pass” program.

Effective June 01, 2020, dogs who are taken into custody by the Animal Control Division as “Strays” are eligible for 1 “Free Pass” or “Get Out of Doggie Jail Free Card” providing that it is the dog’s first “At Large” incident, the dog is currently and properly licensed in Klamath County and there are no other related violations associated with the incident. (Microchip fees and/or any applicable boarding fees are not included).

Sergeant Steve Lewis, who supervises the Animal Control Division, states: “Our goal is to have every dog in Klamath County properly licensed. In addition to being the law, licensing your dog(s) indicates that your dog belongs to somebody and is not just another stray. It also assists in contacting you in the event your dog is injured and in need of emergency medical treatment as well as supporting Animal Control Division services, investigations and complaints”.

Redeeming your unlicensed dog can be expensive, with impound and licensing fees starting over $100. Dog licensing and renewals are available on-line at, by mail as well as in person or drop box at the Animal Control Office located at 4250 Washburn Way. Please feel free to call with any questions at (541) 882-1279.