Klamath County Sheriff’s Office, Klamath Falls Police Department and all law enforcement agencies throughout Klamath County have been monitoring the increased social media activity regarding potential protests this evening in Klamath Falls.

We will always respect and encourage the people’s right to peaceful demonstrations and recognize the desire to make your voice heard. Unfortunately, we have also seen there are a few individuals looking to inspire violence. Violent demonstrations that seek to harm people and property is not acceptable to the citizens of Klamath County. All local law enforcement agencies have additional resources on hand this evening to ensure that any demonstrations remain peaceful.

We urge everyone taking part in the demonstrations, regardless of viewpoint, to keep it peaceful and safe. We value the rights and opinions of our neighbors and will continue to support each other for the future health and success of the Klamath Basin. We ask everyone to be civil with each other and respect the individual rights and safety of others around you.

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