KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Today June 9th, the Bureau of Reclamation confirmed the 2020 water supply for the Klamath Project. The Klamath Project delivers irrigation water to approximately 230,000 acres in southern Oregon and northern California.

On June 2, the Natural Resource Conservation Service forecast for Upper Klamath Lake inflows increased from the May 1 forecast. Based on the updated forecast and ongoing stakeholder input, Reclamation will deliver approximately 140,000 acre-feet to the Klamath Project from Upper Klamath Lake in 2020. Additionally, Reclamation is convening an emergency meeting of the Flow Account Scheduling and Technical Advisory team to discuss flow measures that will benefit endangered fish on the Klamath River.

“This has been a devastatingly dry year and difficult for all stakeholders in the Klamath Basin,” said Commissioner Brenda Burman. “Reclamation has worked to find achievable solutions for the limited water supply in the basin. Although the project remains at a painful, record low allocation, I am pleased that the recent improvement in lake inflow allows Reclamation to stabilize water supplies for Klamath Project water users this year. Continued input from stakeholders and resources agencies will be important as we navigate the immediate drought and seek long-term solutions.”

The Klamath Project water supply supports farms and the hard-working communities that depend upon agriculture as a way of life, in addition to migratory bird refuges, endangered fisheries and Tribal needs. As the details of the water year unfold, Reclamation will continue to adaptively manage the basin’s limited water supply with input from stakeholders.