Salem, OR—Yesterday, Governor Brown signed HB 4212A into law. While this bill contains many concepts, part of it legalizes Remote Online Notarization (RON). Notaries are commissioned through the Secretary of State’s Corporation Division.

RON notarizations are new to Oregon, but have been safely performed since 2012, when the State of Virginia pioneered this technology. According to figures from the National Association of Secretaries of State, 47 other states have authorized RON, either through legislation or emergency orders. Oregon is the 48th state to join this group.
“This technology will allow consumers and notaries to complete a notarization from the comfort and safety of their homes,” said Corporation Division Director Ruth Miles. “That’s a game-changer.”
Unlike traditional and electronic notarizations, RON notarizations are performed using an online platform that meets specific technology requirements in Oregon law and rule. Platforms feature:

• Multi-factor identity authentication
• Secure document upload and transmission
• Secure and recorded video conferencing
• Digital signing and stamping for both consumers and notaries

“I am proud of the innovation and work that the Corporation Division
has accomplished through the successful passage of HB 4212A,” said Secretary Bev Clarno. “Because of this innovation, Oregonians now have safer options to perform notarizations without sacrificing security or identity protections. This comes at a time when health and safety is particularly crucial.”

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