SALEM – Oregonians now have the choice to get a Real ID the next time they renew their driver license or ID card.

On July 6, DMV began issuing Real ID-compliant licenses and ID cards to Oregonians who meet the federal requirements and bring the required documentation to their DMV appointment. Although a standard license or ID card is still available, some are choosing to get a Real ID-compliant card so that they are prepared for changes to TSA travel requirements next year.

In October 2021, the Transportation Security Administration will begin requiring identification that complies with federal Real ID standards to pass through airport security when boarding a domestic flight. The new ID requirements also apply to identification you use when entering a secure federal site, such as a military base.

How to get a Real ID

Getting a Real ID requires an in-person visit a DMV office and presentation of specific documentation before a card can be issued. This means you can’t obtain a Real ID card for the first time by using the DMV website to replace a card.

“Since we added the online services, customers have attempted to get a Real ID by ordering a replacement card online,” DMV Administrator Tom McClellan said. “Due to federal requirements, DMV must see the customers’ original documents and make digital images of them. The law also requires a new photo be taken the first time you get a Real ID. If a customer wants to get a Real ID, they need to make an appointment to come into DMV for a new license or ID card.”

Visit the DMV website to learn more about Real ID, including a tool to help you make a checklist of documents to bring so you are prepared for your appointment. You can also read about other forms of ID such as a passport that you can use instead of a card issued by DMV.

You may not need a Real ID

Instead of gathering documents and making an appointment at DMV, you may want to check and see if you are “Real ID ready” with something you already have – like a passport or passport card. There are many federally accepted forms of identification like a military ID or passports that Oregonians already own. These can be used to fly after October 2021. See for a current list of federally acceptable ID.

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