July 16, 2020, KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) Software Engineering Technology students, Rowan Parker and Rianna Delgado, have been selected as 2020 Grace Hopper Scholars, a recognition of their excellent academic record, continuous research work and commitment toward the advancement of women in computing. The honor includes full access to the Grace Hopper Celebration ($1150 value) and a one-year paid premium AnitaB.org membership ($100 value).

Anita Borg and Telle Whitney began the Grace Hopper Celebration – named in honor of the late computer scientist and navy rear admiral – in 1994 to bring the research and career interests of women in computing to the forefront. Scholarships are awarded to both female and male undergraduate, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows from around the world and cover all conference expenses for the largest gathering of women in technology. The conference is held virtually this year.

Requirements for the scholarship include being active in students’ communities, including being involved/supporting with campus computing/STEM clubs and working toward the advancement of women in computing. Additionally, GHC is looking for women who have an understanding of how attending GHC will impact them, and any messages or key learnings they take back to share at their schools and in their communities.

From Arcata, California, Rowan Parker is on track to graduate in 2022 with a dual bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering Technology and Applied Mathematics.

“The two things that drew me to the CSET department and Oregon Tech were a degree program that was very focused and specific, and the opportunity to build things in and outside of the classroom,” shared Rowan. “I was drawn by hands-on labs, support for my personal projects, and courses that directly reflected what I would see in industry.

“Receiving this scholarship recognizes and supports my efforts to contribute to the advancement of women in STEM and, more specifically, women in computing. STEM outreach and having the opportunity to be a role model for other young women is very important to me and something that I consider constantly. I feel so honored to be able to be a part of a program that honors Grace Hopper and to have the chance to learn leadership and technical skills from some of the most innovative tech leaders in the world.”

Daughter of Oregon Tech alumni, Rianna Delgado started out in the school of technology and design at the University of Oregon. After taking some of their coding classes to fulfill some requirements, she found that subject to be very interesting and decided to come back to her hometown of Klamath Falls to attend Oregon Tech and pursue programming. She is on track to graduate in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering Technology.

“It is an honor to be offered free attendance to an event that so heavily supports women in technology fields,” said Rianna. “I think it would be great to someday have more women in my field. Being able to go to this event and hear from and interact with professional women in technology, get their advice, and hear about their journeys will hopefully help me be able to encourage other women consider careers in technology such as Software.”

Rowan and Rianna will attend the virtual Conference this year on the first weekend that school begins in the Fall. Rowan shared, “I’m really looking forward to starting this school year off with such a bang!”

Rianna Delgado 

Rowan Parker