LAKEVIEW, Ore. – After more than 3 months of free personal use firewood cutting, the Fremont-Winema National Forest is resuming permit sales and requirements today.

Permits are $5 per cord with a minimum purchase of 4 cords for $20 and a maximum purchase of 8 cords in a calendar year.  A cord equates to a wood stack that is 4 feet wide by 4 feet high by 8 feet long.

There are two significant changes to the Fremont-Winema’s personal use firewood program.

First, haul tags are no longer being issued.  Woodcutters are expected to follow the load documentation required on the Permit and in the 2020 Personal Use Firewood Synopsis of Rules and Regulations.

Second, to provide more options for the public to purchase a permit, the Forest is now offering an online or mail-in order form to apply for a personal use firewood cutting permit.  The permit application form is available online at and then selecting “Firewood Permits”

Customers can fill out the form and submit it by email and will be contacted by a Forest customer service representative to complete the transaction.  Or they can print the form, fill it out and mail it to their nearest Ranger District office.  Customers can also call their local Ranger District Office to go through the application process online and have their permit sent to them.

Payment can be a credit card over the phone or mailing a check or money order.  The Permit will not be issued until payment is received.  Permits can be emailed, a paper copy sent to a physical address or both, depending on the permittees preference.

“We’re happy to offer an option that makes it easier for customers to get their woodcutting permit quickly and efficiently, depending on the method they choose to use, especially as many of our offices are still closed to the general public,” said Deputy Forest Supervisor William Dunk.  “We strive to provide great customer service and this is another option for us to serve the public.”

Woodcutting permit holders are expected to follow the 2020 Personal Use Firewood Synopsis of Rules and Regulations.  The document, along with the woodcutting maps are also available online at the Forest’s “Firewood Permits” page.  Maps are also available digitally from Avenza Maps at

Regulations include:

  • Cut only in permitted areas.  No woodcutting is allowed within 150 feet of developed recreation sites or in Wilderness Areas, Wild and Scenic River Corridors, Unique Areas, Research Natural Areas, Research Areas, Experimental Forest Areas or within posted areas including unlogged or active timber sales, contract areas and posted “No Cutting” areas.
  • All trees standing or down with paint, tags or signs on them are protected and may not be cut.
  • Use of mechanized skidding and/or loading equipment for removal of firewood is prohibited.  The only power equipment authorized for use are chainsaws, winches and hydraulic splitters.
  • Spark arresters should be on all mechanical equipment and fire prevention measures, including following Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL), should be followed.
  • Maximum length of firewood allowed to be cut and transported is 6 feet.
  • Cut and scatter limbs and tops.  Remove all slash from roads and ditches.
  • See the synopsis document for specific regulations regarding the Ranger District.  This includes restrictions on cutting near streams, seeps, springs and meadows, as well as tree species allowed.

Firewood obtained is intended for personal use only and not for resale.  Commercial permits are still available by contacting local Fremont-Winema National Forest offices by phone.

Please note that current conditions are the Forest is in IFPL II, also known as “Partial Hootowl”, with power saws only allowed between 8 p.m. and 1 p.m. local time except at loading sites.  More information can be found at

Additionally, woodcutters should practice good forest safety, including:

  • Plan your trip – check the weather, bring plenty of warm clothes, enough water for everyone for 3 days, emergency food, tire chains, shovel, flashlight, flares and/or something to start a fire with, camp saw or hatchet, and cold weather sleeping bag or blankets.
  • Make sure you have a full tank of gas when you leave and are prepared for changing conditions in the mountains and high desert!  Also, let someone know where you are going and when you plan to be back.
  • Keep vehicles on designated roads and be aware of changing weather and road conditions.  Wet dirt roads can quickly turn to mud, making it possible to get stuck and causing damage to road, soil and water resources.
  • In snowy conditions, if the snow on the road is 3 inches or greater, turn around – conditions are not likely to improve ahead.
  • Do not count on technology – GPS can steer drivers onto impassable roads and there is not cellphone service across most of the Forest.

For more information on the free personal use firewood cutting, please contact your local Fremont-Winema National Forest Office during regular business hours between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  They can be reached at: Supervisor’s Office – 541-947-2151; Bly Ranger District – 541-353-2427; Chemult Ranger District – 541-365-7001; Chiloquin Ranger District – 541-783-4001; Klamath Ranger District – 541-883-6714; Lakeview Ranger District – 541-947-3334; Paisley Ranger District – 541-943-3114; Silver Lake Ranger District – 541-576-2107.

Please bear in mind that all Forest offices are currently closed to the public, but virtual services are provided, including map and permit sales.