Update on Scattered Thunderstorms over South Central Oregon

Since Tuesday night, Klamath and Lake counties have had approximately 270 lightning strikes as scattered thunderstorms moved through the region.

Firefighters have identified nine fires from the lightning activity, with the largest of these fires being less than three and a half acres.

The Fremont-Winema National Forest has confirmed seven fires on its land, the Bureau of Land Management has confirmed zero fires, and the Oregon Department of Forestry has confirmed two fires.

More isolated thunderstorms are possible starting Sunday evening through Tuesday.

Depending on the moisture associated with the thunderstorms and the vegetation types on the ground, it can take several days for the smoke to become visible from a lightning-caused wildfire. Firefighters refer to these fires as ‘holdovers.’ Firefighters may be responding to new starts and holdovers throughout the weekend and early into next week. Anyone who spots signs of a possible wildfire should call 911 to report it.

While firefighters are busy responding to lightning fires, it is even more critical always to remember that your campfire is dead out and never leave a campfire unattended.