Photo of Caldwell Fire at Lava Beds Visitor Center – US Forest Service Modoc

Caldwell Fire Update:

Due to the high demand across the northern California area, fire resources available for this incident have been limited. As personnel and equipment arrive, they have been assigned to construct new control lines and reinforce existing control lines of the fire perimeters.

Accuracy of mapping data has been challenged, due to smoke impacts and erratic fire behavior near the fire’s edge.

Caldwell Fire: 7,980 acres, 0% contained. Due to fire activity, smoke impacts and rough terrain, opportunities to safely engage firefighters to control the fire perimeter proved difficult. However crews, engines and aircraft have made some progress today.

Allen Fire: 1,200 acres, 60% contained. Firefighters are making good progress and continue to work towards full containment.

Dalton Fire: 2,500 acres, 80% contained. Heavy equipment and helicopters aided ground personnel and containment of the fire perimeter continues.


Caldwell Fire Photo by US Forest Service Modoc


Above: Infrared Map with the latest acreage of the Caldwell Fire and legend. Note: where the box with the heading “July Complex – Caldwell Incident” is in the top left corner is roughly where the visitor center is located.


Photo: NPS photo by Ranger Art King

Medicine Lake Mandatory Evacuation

There is now a mandatory evacuation in place for the Medicine Lake Recreation Area as the Caldwell Fire threatens to cross roads 97 and 49 and limit orderly exit of the area. The fire is not at the campgrounds yet, but it is headed that way.