KLAMATH FALLS — Klamath Community College will unveil a new look next week to represent the transformative experience students undergo while attending KCC.

“Our mission at KCC is to enrich our students’ lives and to meet the workforce needs in our community. Whether our students are seeking a workforce certificate or a transfer degree, each individual we serve has an opportunity to transform through education,” said KCC President Dr. Roberto Gutierrez.

Logo research and development was a yearlong process conducted by KCC’s Communication Team, consisting of Lacey Jarrell, Andrew Mariman, Megan Baker, and Jared Dill. The process included input from students, KCC employees, and community members. The logo concept was approved through KCC’s rigorous shared governance process and student government. Final approval was granted by the KCC Board of Trustees at the regularly scheduled June meeting.

KCC’s new logo graphic represents transformation: Students are one person as they enter the “K” on the left, and then they exit the “K” on the right as a more developed and skilled individual in academics, workforce, and community involvement. The “K” in the diamond represents Klamath Falls and KCC, as well as the college’s commitment to quality education and access for our community.

“The new logo illustrates that KCC is more than just a ‘great place to start’ or a physical location. It is an experience that can be life changing for our students and their families. Education has the power to create generational change and our brand represents that,” said Lacey Jarrell, director of communications at KCC.

Since KCC’s inception, the college’s colors have been burgundy and silver. With this new branding concept, a third color, gold, is introduced. The new logo and branding materials will become more visible in the community over the next year, as time and budget allows. In mid-August, the college will roll out a new online press kit featuring KCC brand assets and information about the brand. To learn more about KCC or apply, visit klamathcc.edu.