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On Saturday August 8, 2020 at approximately 12:00PM Klamath County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a call of shots fired at 4315 S. 6th Street near Grocery Outlet in Klamath Falls. An off-duty Klamath County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Deputy on scene observed an altercation between Khalid Mostafa, 58 of Klamath Falls, and two other individuals where Mostafa discharged a firearm.

Anyone who was in the area with further information is urged to call the Klamath County Sheriff’s Office tip line at 541-850-5380.

Mostafa is being lodged at the Klamath County Jail on charges including:

  • Unlawful use of weapon x2
  • Carrying a concealed weapon
  • Menacing x2
  • Pointing a firearm at an individual x2

Based on preliminary information obtained by Klamath Alerts, it appears the shooter was disarmed by a person close by. We do not currently have confirmation if the off duty deputy disarmed the shooting suspect or it was another bystander.