Above: Cabin configuration of a Boutique Air PC-12. The cabins feature a corporate travel configuration with leather seats and offer power outlets at each seat. A small bathroom is available inside the cabin.

The Klamath Falls Airport is considering an option for some local air travelers to utilize the services of small regional carrier Boutique Air. The service would be airline like, but would require passengers to clear TSA screening after arriving in Portland.

Boutique Air would operate a Pilatus PC-12 which is a single engine turbo prop aircraft. The aircraft is commonly used in air ambulance and corporate flying.

A recent statement posted to Facebook by airport management requested public comment:

The Crater Lake – Klamath Regional Airport has been focused on regaining air service for the community since PenAir stopped providing service in 2017. Changes in the airline industry have resulted in many communities across the nation losing service or seeing significant reductions and this will continue to be the case due to the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the Airport does not see the potential for a return of ‘traditional’ service (19-seat or more aircraft operated by a regional air carrier like United Express for example) there may be the possibility of attracting an alternative service that would meet the needs of some users.

This alternative service would likely be on a 9-seat aircraft to Portland and would utilize a private terminal in Portland for arrivals and departures. Passengers would need to shuttle to the main terminal and go through TSA security screening if they were intending to connect to other flights in Portland. It is estimated that a roundtrip air fare for this type of service would be $400/person.

Now, BEFORE EVERYONE STARTS COMMENTING – we know that this would not meet the air service needs of the majority of our community. We’re sorry, we truly wish there were more options out there to consider. But this type of service might be a useable for some business travelers such as:
• Companies from outside the area that make regular visits to Klamath Falls.
• Local individuals who have regular meetings in Portland that could justify the cost of the ticket by way of saving 10 hours driving to Portland. Or 3 hours of driving, 3 hours of airport time and 2 hours of flight time if they choose to fly through Medford.

If you, or any company you know of, might be interested in this type of air service the Airport Administration would love to hear from you (541-883-5371 /

Please comment on this article with your thoughts about this potential new air service. Would it be worth it to you? Would you continue to drive to Medford or other regional airports for air service?