KLAMATH FALLS — Klamath Community College’s proposed plan for resuming in-person instruction fall term was approved by the KCC Board of Trustees at a special meeting Aug. 19.

According to the plan, KCC will deliver a combination of online and in-person courses fall term, which starts Sept. 28.

The approved plan provides guidance for students, staff, and faculty conducting on-campus activities, such as classroom learning and conducting official campus business. The campus is currently open to students, prospective students, and employees, but is closed for public events and gatherings.

Admissions and financial aid offices are currently open. Students and prospective students who would like to meet in-person with these staff on campus, must adhere to physical distancing guidelines and wear a face covering.

“We are working to offer students the greatest level of choice and flexibility feasible to ensure student access is equitable, while minimizing risks to students, staff, and faculty,” said KCC President Dr. Roberto Gutierrez. “Although we continue to have in-person campus services, we still recommend that our students and the community contact us remotely when possible.”

Under the plan and in accordance with state guidelines, students, staff, and faculty are required to wear a face covering in any indoor campus setting, including in classrooms and labs, unless an exemption as outlined by the Oregon Health Authority is met. Students and employees who would like to request an exemption should contact the college’s human resources department or visit the college’s COVID-19 information page on the KCC website.

Face coverings will be used in conjunction with other safety measures, such as physical distancing, proper hand washing, and daily self-checks that include monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms before visiting campus. Students and employees who are exhibiting symptoms should stay at their residence and contact a health provider.

Safety precautions for general instruction include: 

• Require face coverings in all classrooms and laboratory settings for both students and instructors.

• Establish a minimum of 35 square feet per person when determining room capacity, calculated based only on usable classroom space.

• Modify the physical layout of classrooms to permit students to maintain at least 35 square feet of distance between one another and the instructor(s). This may include changes to traffic flow, desk, or chair arrangements, or maximum capacity.

• Physical barriers may be used instead of, or in addition to, 35 square feet or more of spacing between people.

• Develop a plan for maintaining instructional continuity should an instructor become ill, or if exposure to the virus occurs in an in-person classroom.

“Average class sizes for face-to-face lecture will be between 15 and 20 students; average class sizes for labs will be 12-14 students,” said Jamie Jennings, KCC vice president of academic affairs. “Our faculty is also prepared to teach everything online, except career and technical education and labs, if state mandates change or health and safety considerations arise.”

KCC will continue following Oregon Health Authority, Oregon OSHA, and State of Oregon guidelines for enhanced cleaning and disinfecting in occupied buildings on all campuses; hand sanitizing dispensers installed in all buildings; focused deep cleaning in high use areas; sanitizing wipes provided for use by occupants of high-use areas.

Fall registration is open. New and returning students can reach Student Services by visiting Founders Hall in person or by calling 541-882-3521 or emailing kcc@klamathcc.edu. For more information about accessibility at KCC and fall term course delivery, visit https://www.klamathcc.edu/ en-US/About/News-and-Events/COVID-19.