Monday afternoon and evening proved to be a very busy time for first responders. A tight pressure gradient setup creating an unusual wind event that we warned about on the 6th.

At about 6:30pm yesterday fire crews were sent to a brush fire just north of Hagelstein Park along Highway 97. The fire was quickly put out by Fire District 1 and ODF Fire and was estimated at about 1 acre.

While crews were containing the fire near Hagelstein, a new report of a fast moving fire came in around 7pm in the Chiloquin area. Chiloquin Fire initially reported the fire spreading at about 30mph and it quickly became a threat to Collier State Park Campground, and Williamson River Campground. This fire known as “Two Four Two” is still active and causing evacuation concerns in the Chiloquin and Agency Lake areas.

Above: Highway 97 and Highway 62 remain closed Tuesday morning.

Highway 97 and Highway 62 remained closed due to fire activity. For the latest road conditions and closures visit

The Sheriff’s Office also had to deal with a water rescue on Klamath Lake during this same time frame as someone in a kayak could not paddle fast enough to get through the wind and return to shore. KCSO was able to bring the boater to safety.

As the night progressed there were many additional 911 calls regarding downed power lines, and Pacific Power reported over 38,000 customers without power across Oregon.  Over 500 customers in the Chiloquin area without power as of 10am Tuesday.

A power pole was reported sheared off in the area of Highway 50 and Harpold Road. A small fire was also caused by a blown transformer in the area of Western Street in Klamath Falls. Numerous other calls came in regarding downed branches into power lines around the Klamath Falls area as well.

Gusty winds are forecast to continue today causing additional fire concerns and extreme fire conditions.

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Below: A video and photos of Two Four Two fire from last night. Video and photos from U.S. Forest Service.