A late season heatwave building on the west coast will dry out the region this week, increase fire danger, and possibly break temperature records. The NWS also warns of sneaker waves and heat at the coast.


A huge change in the weather is on the way this week. After a few days of fall like conditions, the weather pattern will take a U-turn back to summer. Dry and hot conditions will be with us beginning Sunday and lasting through at least the work week. Record challenging temperatures are possible this week when it will feel more like August than late September/early October. Be sure to stay hydrated, avoid outdoor activities between 10 am and 4 pm, and seek air conditioned buildings. Remember that area waterways are cold and jumping into cold water can result in shock or drowning.

The fire weather environment will become critical late this weekend into early next week over Southwestern Oregon and Northern California. Humidity will lower, and winds will increase Sunday night generally from the Cascades westward, and this area will expand eastward Monday and affect a good portion of Eastern Siskiyou and Modoc Counties. Plan. Prepare. Stay Aware. One less spark, one less wildfire. https://www.readyforwildfire.org/prepare-for-wildfire/go-evacuation-guide/

Dangerous sneaker waves are possible Monday morning into Monday night along the southern Oregon coast. Sneaker waves are waves that run up on beaches significantly farther than other waves and can surprise beachgoers. They can be knocked down and pulled into the ocean by these waves resulting in injury or drowning. Sneaker waves are very powerful and can move logs and other debris, potentially crushing or trapping unsuspecting people. For those at the beach, never turn your back on the ocean! Keep your distance from the waves and avoid climbing on rocks, jetties or logs when there is an increased threat of sneaker waves. If you see someone swept into the ocean, do not swim in after them! Call 911 and keep an eye on them until help arrives.

High Temperatures in Curry County Sunday into Tuesday will be in the 90s with low temperatures in the 60s. Drink before you’re thirsty. Reduce time in the sun. Avoid strenuous activity; postpone outdoor afternoon activities. Seek air-conditioned buildings. Check on elderly & neighbors. Help kids & pets stay cool. Close blinds during day