First Round Recipients Awarded Grant Cycle Reopened

KLAMATH FALLS, OR – November 17, 2020 The City of Klamath Falls is pleased to announce the first round of 2020 Emergency Business & Nonprofit Grant recipients have been awarded. Over $25,000 has been awarded to local businesses and nonprofits to assist with rent/mortgages, utilities, or expenses incurred due to COVID-19 regulations.

Recognizing that assistance grants such as these are essential grassroots programs to aid businesses and nonprofits facing unprecedented challenges, the City and our partners approached the award process with acute responsiveness to help applicants survive and thrive.

It is the City’s goal to be able to continue to work flexibly with our partners to provide support to our community in future programs.

“This year is certainly unlike any other, yet our community stays strong,” said City Manager Nathan Cherpeski. “These incredibly vital community programs are essential to keep our businesses alive while working with our partners to aid in this difficult time. The City of Klamath Falls is grateful to be in a position to help at this time.”

Additionally, at last night’s meeting of the City Council and due to the recent orders of the Governor’s office, Council authorized staff to reopen the Grants to additional applicants. The Emergency Business & Nonprofit Assistance Grant has been reopened and will remain open until Friday, November 27th at 5:00 p.m. To apply visit the City’s website at