Klamath County School District:

Message to KCSD from Jessica Dale, assistant director, Klamath County Public Health:

“It is with disappointment that I find myself writing this email tonight. As of close of business today (Nov. 19), we had received enough positive test results for this week to know that when numbers post for the two week lookback on November 23, our rates will exceed 200 per 100,000. As a result, schools will need to return to comprehensive distance learning on Monday November 30, 2020.

“While the return to hybrid learning models for expanded grade levels was short lived this time around, it was undoubtedly beneficial for both the schools and the students. It is such a pleasure to work with all of you and your staff as we continue to pursue the safe return of in person education in Klamath County.

Dale continued: “For schools that were previously operating under the K-3, or rural and remote schools exceptions, Public Health needs to complete case investigations for the cases received today to make an informed recommendation on continued in person instruction under those models. Given the number of cases that need to be investigated, we cannot commit to having that recommendation to you tomorrow, but will have one communicated by Monday, Nov. 23.”

Please join us in thanking Klamath County Public Health for the work they are doing to keep our community safe.


Glen Szymoniak

Superintendent, Klamath County School District


Klamath Falls City School District:

Dear KFCS Families and Staff:

I regret to inform you that Klamath County’s new COVID case numbers for the last two weeks have exceeded the 200 cases per 100,000 (over a two-week period) limit and have placed us in the red zone per Oregon Department of Education guidance. This means we must return all students to comprehensive distance learning on Monday, November 30th. In order to return grades K-6 to in-person learning, the county would need to reduce new case numbers over the next two weeks and bring our status down to the yellow or green zone. The earliest this would be possible is the week of December 7th. Once K-6 is back for in-person instruction, grades 7-12 would be able to start in-person learning four weeks later. This would be after the winter break sometime in January. As always we will keep you up-to-date with the latest information.

I wish all of you a healthy and safe Thanksgiving and thank you for all you do to help us serve our students. This virus has been a rollercoaster ride for all of us, but I am extremely thankful this holiday season that we have wonderful families and staff working together to help our students learn and grow despite the ongoing challenges.

Best wishes,
Paul Hillyer, KFCS Superintendent