KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Klamath County Public Health (KCPH) officials report 75 new cases of COVID-19 in the community. The local case count is 658.

This week’s total cases are 130. Investigations continue, but preliminary information indicates spread was due to workplace, social events and household spread.

There have been a number of tests administered this week and there is a lag in receiving results, as tests are processed in the laboratory. Those awaiting results should stay home, as should those who have been informed by others that they have been exposed. KCPH is working through the weekend to make contact with those who are positive and confirmed close contacts.

Information specific to Klamath County can be found at https://www.klamathcounty.org/1076/Klamath-County-data.

“We are now seeing the second-wave of COVID-19,” said KCPH Director Jennifer Little. “When an individual is exposed to the virus and proceeds to go out into the community, whether to work or social events, the spread becomes exponential. Next week is Thanksgiving. We can all make proactive choices to reduce the spread, protecting ourselves and others.”