The beat goes on and  music matters. Kayla McPherson, elementary music teacher streams a live concert and lessons on string instruments with George Tyson and Brian Bicknell downtown at A Music Store on Main Street.

This year teaching through CDL: comprehensive distance learning’s platform Canvas and KFCS brief time of having elementary students on site, Kayla and the other elementary music teachers created an individual music kit for every elementary student. This enabled students to safely engage in learning and playing music. Each kit included large and small rhythm sticks, a sealed egg shaker filled with beads, a tulle scarf, and scrapers made out of pool noodles. For Mills elementary it meant creating at least 315 kits, which is the school that Kayla primarily teaches at.

Kayla, not knowing how long students would be learning primarily online at home wanted to get instruments into her students hands. Through “Donor’s Choose Donations” generous individuals living around the United States gave over $1,000.00 that supported KFCS 4th and 5th grade music program at Mills. “People were so generous and through their donations I was able to purchase for 5th graders, 20 soprano ukuleles and for 4th graders 85 soprano recorders, I’m so grateful, “shares Kayla. The 5th graders with a ukulele at home can participate in a ukulele elective option on their canvas course.

Having 85 soprano recorders, gives each 4th grader one to take home. “I would love to be able to supply each 4th and 5th grader a ukulele to take home, this would require purchasing at least 40 more ukuleles. “says Kayla. “Ukuleles are a great safe instrument to play right now whether students are at home, in CDL or in the classrooms, Kayla shares with enthusiasm.

If you want to participate and purchase or donate to the Uke Play Me! Project, The Music Store on Main Street will purchase a Panda soprano ukulele at a discounted price for this project or contact Kayla McPherson at Mills elementary school 541-883-4754 or  because music matters!

Music Kits

Ukulele donations

Strings performance George Tyson/ukulele, Kayla McPerson/mandolin, Brian Bicknell/bass electric guitar