Above: An aerial tour of the walking path along Lake Ewauna in the Timber Mill Shores development in downtown Klamath Falls. The video is presented by Oregon Air Photos. 

Along the shores of Lake Ewauna, a geothermally heated walking path has been constructed and is already being used by many residents. Construction of a new bank is underway and DHS expects to build a new facility on the grounds soon. The walkway offers users scenic views of the lake and wildlife. The path is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the lake.

The path extends from Veteran’s Park to the east side of the Timber Mill Shores development. It is just over 1/2 mile each way and follows the shores of the lake passing in front of the new Marriott Hotel.

Just east of the Marriott, the concrete path changes to a sand like material. The path continues along the lake to the far east side of the Timber Mill Shores development where Modoc Lumber used to operate.

A view of the path looking west toward the downtown area of Klamath Falls.

An aerial view of the walking path looking west toward downtown Klamath Falls.

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