Editor’s note: Christmas falls at the end of the week. In order for the Public Health COVID-19 team members to have time with their families, the last case numbers will be released the afternoon of Wednesday, December 23. Reports will resume Monday, December 28

Of these cases, 52 were in the statewide database on Saturday. Last week’s count is 254. The reporting week runs from Sunday through Saturday.

This week’s count is 23.

COVID-19 vaccine has reached Oregon and is first being distributed to hospital and Tribal health systems. KCPH has created a webpage at http://www.klamathcounty.org/1117/COVID-19-vaccine to provide information as it becomes available. Individuals may also send an email to KCPH@klamathcounty.org to subscribe to email vaccine updates.

Like most of the state, Klamath County is experiencing a surge in cases. A revised approach to contact investigations and close contact follow up is part of a statewide plan developed in response to the statewide growth in cases.

The approach incorporates a priority structure to ensure those at highest risk receive contact from KCPH first. More than half of the counties in Oregon have moved to this surge protocol, as local and state resources reach capacity in this critical pandemic response.

Webpages have been created for those who have tested positive and their close contacts. Links can be found at the top of the http://publichealth.klamathcounty.org/coronavirus page. Close contacts may not be contacted by KCPH.

Those who have tested positive should let their close contacts know of their exposure. A close contact is someone who has been within six feet of a positive individual for 15 or more cumulative minutes, with or without a mask.