State Representative E. Werner Reschke (R-Klamath Falls) announces top priorities for the legislative session with a two-prong focus to keep Oregonians safe and allow families to earn a living.

“As we begin the 2021 legislative session, COVID remains a significant concern for Oregonians and their family members. We need a two-prong approach to keep people safe and allow Oregonians to earn a living at the same time. In addition, Oregonians are extremely wary of any tax increases in our difficult economic situation. The road to economic recovery should be our top priority this session. Putting Oregonians back to work will help regain family stability. This is not a time for sweeping new legislative mandates, new taxes and new regulations. Lockdowns have not worked in stopping the spread, but only delayed the virus’ effect, while at the same time sent many Oregon families into financial distress. We need to find ways for all businesses to safely reopen, and for all schools to safely reopen while applying all the new facts we have learned about the virus since last March.”

Representative Reschke will focus on the following items during the 2021 legislative session.

  • Chief Sponsor: Designating Oregon Tech as “Oregon’s Polytechnic University”
  • Chief Sponsor: Designating May 22nd as “Crater Lake Nation Park Day”
  • Ensure widespread availability of COVID-19 vaccines for all Oregonians
  • Support small businesses’ ability to fully recover from a difficult 2020
  • Support for police and law enforcement
  • Support local community corrections to assist with rehabilitation and other life skills
  • Funding for Klamath Crimson Rose – life skills training for challenged young women
  • Support for local non-profits that assist in workforce training
  • Support for agricultural access to water as well as prevent unnecessary regulatory burdens
  • Support Klamath Community College’s efforts to create an Apprenticeship Center
  • Extending and expanding the Rural Oregon Medical Tax Credit
  • Prevent new taxes and fees which will crush Oregon business and employment opportunities

E. Werner Reschke is serving his third term as State Representative for House District 56, which encompasses southern Klamath and Lake counties.