Klamath County Public Health has reported to Oregon Health Authority that a good faith effort was made to serve everyone in Phase 1-A of the statewide COVID-19 vaccine rollout. The next group to be vaccinated are those who serve Pre-Kindergarten through high school students. This Phase 1-B, Group 1 will be served in closed clinical settings this week. These individuals were provided instructions for obtaining vaccination.

Individuals who are 80 or older will become eligible for vaccination on February 8. Those who are in Phase 1-A but have not yet obtained vaccine are still eligible and can call 1-833-606-4370. Vaccination of all groups is dependent upon the availability of vaccine. Public Health will provide direction to the community, when plans are in place for each eligible group.

At close of business Wednesday, January 20, a total of 849 people had completed the two-dose series with an overall total of 2,740 COVID-19 vaccinations having been given in Klamath County.

The graphic below shows the designation of groups within Phase 1-B. These groups were determined by the Governor’s Office and Oregon Health Authority. Klamath County Public Health is accountable to the State of Oregon to serve citizens in the phases and groups previously determined. Individuals may be served in any Oregon county. However, counties are all serving the same groups simultaneously.