Yesterday, residents of the Gospel Mission were vaccinated. This is a congregate living site with a vulnerable population that is at high risk for transmission. Due to a scheduling error, an overage of doses were drawn and those doses were administered to individuals at Klamath Open Door Clinic.

Once a vial is punctured, it must be used in six hours. Some individuals served yesterday fell outside of the phase 1A, or 1B group 1 guidance. Fast reaction was necessary as wasting vaccine was not an option we were willing to take. Quality improvement efforts are underway for our scheduling process to ensure this does not happen in the future.

In all previous instances, preparations were made to account for any overages, as Moderna vials routinely provide 11 doses. This is one dose above the 10 expected per vial. There is not a priority list for those who are given overages. In every other instance, there were eligible standbys ready to receive an overage dose.

Above you will see the number of doses provided to KCPH this week and the anticipation for next week. Previous week’s distributions were not available. Vaccination numbers per week are also shown to help illustrate where the county is in its service to the community.

KCPH is not the only agency in Klamath County receiving vaccine. However, those numbers are not KCPH’s to release.

The 80 and older population becomes eligible Feb. 8 and planning continues to create a safe and effective roll out. As the plans are not fully confirmed, no information is being released at this time.

There is no registry for vaccination, nor is there a list for overage doses. When KCPH has new information regarding vaccination, an email update is prepared.

KCPH works in partnership to provide doses and needed support to other clinics and agencies.