Klamath Falls, OR (February 10th , 2021) – Today, the Klamath County Economic Development Association (KCEDA) officially announced that INTERTOOL LLC has recently purchased the former Parr Lumber building and will be using the facility for a new warehouse and distribution center.

2021 marks the founding year of INTERTOOL LLC. The founders include Ukrainian citizen, Vsevolod Vlasov, and 2014 Henley High School Graduate, Matthew Morawiec. The founders met while attending the College of Business at Oregon State University where they both graduated in 2018. Originally and currently based in the Ukraine, INTERTOOL deals with wholesale distribution and retail of tools and equipment, working in partnership with many manufacturers in Europe and Asia to help supply customers around the world with a large spectrum of high-quality, reasonably priced tool options. INTERTOOL LLC is being founded to expand the brand in the United States Market, as well as to other countries in the America’s. INTERTOOL is currently one of the largest tool distributors in the E.U. Based on figures collected by KCEDA, the company anticipates implementing operations into the building over 2 stages and will be hiring between 5-10 people over the course of both. INTERTOOL aims to be a community player here in Klamath Falls by holding special events, local catered B2B discounts, and any other viable contribution towards the positive progression of economic and social states of the community.

KCEDA began work with the company in early 2020, coordinating with INTERTOOL representatives on prospective property options, market feasibility data, financing possibilities, potential incentive programs, workforce training assistance, and more. According to KCEDA representatives, the final decision to locate in Klamath County was determined by following a rigorous due diligence process that included site considerations all around the United States.

INTERTOOL’s, Matthew Morawiec, commented on the company’s decision to add a location in Klamath Falls and his experience working with KCEDA, saying, “We were considering a few locations in our due diligence phase located throughout the Western Hemisphere of the United States. This was a very thorough process, where in the end, we knew Klamath County was the next best place for us to be. We share the values of the community and see a strategic benefit in locating here. Our team is very grateful for the excellent help KCEDA provided during this process and we are excited to join this wonderful community and growing economy.”

Speaking on behalf of the local development agency, KCEDA CEO, Randy Cox, expressed his excitement for the company selecting the area as their next location, stating, “The Parr Building is a great site that’s strategically located in ways which lend well to operations like INTERTOOL. Having them occupy this space creates an asset which will really add to the health of our downtown economy. They are a perfect fit for that location, and their selection of Klamath Falls only further demonstrates Klamath County’s growing exposure to outside enterprise.”

INTERTOOL expects to soon begin upgrades on the facility, where once they complete, they hope to be fully operational by early April of 2021.