Together we have been the heroes that our children have needed during this challenging year. The support, patience, hard work and sacrifice, of everyone have made success possible as we continue to overcome difficulties together as a school community.

“This has been such an unusual year, should we do our Everyday Hero recognition celebration as in the past?” This was the question Superintendent Hillyer posed to school leaders in November of 2020.

Their answer was unanimous: “Yes, we definitely need to do an appreciation event, but it has to be different. We can’t showcase just a few heroes because virtually everyone has been a hero this year.” This conclusion by district administrators and supervisors gave birth to this year’s Everyday Hero Celebration.

It will be a weeklong acknowledgement of the amazing work of people from every school and every district department. During each day next week two or three schools and/or departments will be the focus of attention. Dan Stearns and Gayle Yamasaki have been interviewing and filming people throughout the district to gain insight and examples about how KFCS employees have risen to the challenges presented by these COVID times and how through hard work, determination, creativity, flexibility, and perseverance have done everything possible to meet the needs of our students and their families.

These testimonials are inspiring. They also have helped create an historic repository about how our school district has survived and even thrived in the midst of one of the greatest challenges in our nation’s history.

Families and students too have been a part of this unique story. We encourage you to view the links to these videos that will be sent out daily. You can also access them on our school and district Facebook pages and on our district website. Let us know what you thought of the stories after you see them. Your reactions will also become a part of the historic record.

Here is the video schedule:  

Each day there will be an introduction to the Everyday Hero Celebration by Superintendent Paul Hillyer 
  • MONDAY February 22: Conger Elementary School, Ponderosa Middle School, Early Childhood Intervention and Klamath Basin Behavioral Health Classrooms 
  • TUESDAY February 23: Klamath Union High School and Food Services Department 
  • WEDNESDAY February 24: Mills Elementary School, Klamath Learning Center and River Academy, and Maintenance Department 
  • THURSDAY February 25Pelican Elementary School, Roosevelt Elementary School, and Transportation Department 
  • FRIDAY February 26: Special Education, Business Office, Instructional Media Technology Center, Human Resources, Federal Programs, School Improvement, Teen Parents, Transitions, 21st CCLC After School Program, COVID Coordinator, and Superintendent 

Everyday Hero Human resources Department Sara Robertson and Robin Sundseth