On Tuesday, State Representative E. Werner Reschke (R-Klamath Falls) introduced three bills on the House Floor.

  1. HB 3196 – Improves Oregon’s Election Integrity by banning the practice of Ballot Harvesting.
  2. HB 3211 – Prevents discrimination by governments and businesses based on past medical history.
  3. HB 3243 – Provides business relief by allowing businesses 50 years to pay off any COVID-19 related fines from state agencies.

“These bills address three important issues Oregonians deeply care about: Ensuring our elections are indeed the express will of the people by ending the shady practice of ballot harvesting; Preventing one’s medical history from being used as a weapon of discrimination; Relief for businesses who have been unfairly targeted and fined when safely operating their business during the COVID-19 outbreak,” said Rep. Reschke.

Rep. Reschke has also sponsored several other bills. These include: A bill to promote tourism in Klamath County by designating May 22nd as Crater Lake National Park Day; a bill to help Sky Lakes Medical Center recruit and retain top medical talent, a bill to enhance Oregon Tech’s marketing efforts, and a bill to assist Lake County with the transition of Warner Creek Correctional Facility.

E. Werner Reschke is State Representative for House District 56, which encompasses southern Klamath and Lake counties.