KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – Native tree and shrub seedlings are being offered for sale in Klamath Falls as part of an effort to encourage use of native plants in landscaping and restoration projects.

The sale is cosponsored by the Klamath County Museum and the Klamath Basin Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon.

All seedlings will be sold for $1.50 each, with a minimum purchase of five seedlings per species required.

All orders must be prepaid by calling the museum at (541) 882-1000. Each customer will be assigned a time to pick up their order on March 13. Plants cannot be held past the sale date.

“We have a good variety of native plants that have been proven to work well in our climate,” said Todd Kepple, manager of the Klamath County Museum. “The seedlings are very small, but once established they should provide benefits for many years to come.”

Oregon ash, vine maple, Oregon white oak and California black oak tree seedlings will be available. The list of shrubs includes redosier dogwood, cascara, ocean spray, golden currant, red-flowering currant and mockorange.

Because the trees are bareroot, they should be planted within a day or two, Kepple said.

A sale of native wildflowers and grasses will be offered in May.

Mockorange is among the native shrubs and trees being offered in a plant sale March 13 at the Klamath County Museum.